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Fat Moon Farm partners with farm and community education organizations to offer educational programs that are well suited for foodies, gardeners, homesteaders, and curious families.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms is a series of 3 classes that span 8 days. Each participant begins with their own Grow Kit. Our farmers mentor mycophiles (home mushroom growers) through the process of starting, nurturing, and harvesting their own mushrooms in one week. The class also covers the basics of mushroom anatomy, the lifecycle, nutrition, cooking and fungi experiments for the home scientist. This is a terrific community class that brings people together to learn and celebrate the role of the mushrooms in our diet and environment. 

Curious About Mushrooms? In this 90-minute class, live or via Zoom, we cover everything from the lifecycle of mushrooms to the latest research on nutrition and the environmental benefits of mushrooms. Mycophiles will leave the class with a deeper appreciation of culinary mushrooms and curious about the myriad of health and environmental benefits that were known by our ancestors and are being rediscovered by modern researchers.


Upcoming Zoom Classes

July 20th 7-830pm Register Here! 

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