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As one of the few mushroom farms in New England, Fat Moon Farm partners with agricultural and community organizations to offer educational programs that are well suited for foodies, gardeners, homesteaders, and curious families who wish to learn more about this fascinating food and the important role it plays in our diet, our environment and the economy. Fungi offer us a chance to grow in so many ways! We hope you will consider joining us for a delicious adventure in indoor home growing (it only takes a week!), a discovery walk, or a thought provoking talk. Whatever exploration suits your style, Farmer Elizabeth makes time for your questions and encourages you to extend your knowledge of this little known life form.

Mushroom Hike!



Hike in an old-growth forest while looking for mushrooms with fellow mycophiles. The focus will be on spotting mushrooms and identifying the parts of a mushroom that contribute to positive identification. Bring any guide books you may own. We will not be foraging/collecting mushrooms to eat. 

Dress appropriately for a 2 hour hike in the New England woods. This includes appropriate footwear, bug spray, and water. The path is muddy and the trails are along wetlands with a lot of mosquitos. Total distance will be 2 - 3 miles with some hills. Hike is subject to weather conditions. All proceeds will be donated to Friends of East Boston Camps, caretakers of beautiful open space in Westford.

We may be joined by Mike Baird, a local bird enthusiast who hikes with his ears attuned to the bird songs. He will help us identify the birds along our walk. 


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Grow your own Mushrooms!


The Grow Your Own Mushrooms class allows you to grow your very own crop of mushrooms at home with the expert support of Farmer Elizabeth through three live, interactive, hour-long Zoom experiences over the course of the week-long growing period. In the first session, Elizabeth will help you set up your grow block for success, explaining the life cycle of mushrooms, mushroom anatomy, and what to expect from your block. The second session allows lots of time for show and tell in addition to covering how and when to harvest, nutrition, how to cook your crop, and how to store and preserve it. The final class will review these topics and cover information on supplements, end of life care for your block and art and science experiments with mushrooms. Three sessions offer plentiful time to delve deeply into the interests of the students as well, be they industry specific, or more about mushrooms in general. This is a terrific community class that brings people together to learn and celebrate the role of mushrooms in our diet and environment.


Upcoming GYO Classes - Live on Zoom


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October 2-9 Farmer Dave
October 2-9 Kitchen Outfitters
October 9-16 Verrill Farm
October 9-16 Plough & Stars
October 17-24 Assabet Market Co-op
October 17-24 Small Farm
October 23-30 Natick Community Organic Farm
October 23-30 Medway Community Farm
October 30 - November 6 Wright Locke Farm
October 30 - November 6 Plough and Stars
October 30 - November 6 Codman Community Farm
November 6-13 Middlesex Conservation District
November 6-13

Waltham Fields Community Farm



Curious About Mushrooms?


In this 90-minute class, live or via Zoom, we cover everything from the lifecycle of mushrooms to the latest research on nutrition and the environmental benefits of mushrooms. Mycophiles will leave the class with a deeper appreciation of culinary mushrooms and curious about the myriad of health and environmental benefits that were known by our ancestors and are being rediscovered by modern researchers.


Upcoming Zoom Classes

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