Employment Opportunities

JOB POSTING: Farm Worker
Job Title: Farm Worker
Salary: $16/hour
Job Type: Part-time
Job Summary:
Our Farm Workers are responsible for the production of mushrooms, including growing, harvesting and packaging mushrooms. The Farm Workers will also ensure Food Safety practices are followed. The role will include physical labor, record keeping, and communication with farm leadership. Communication and teamwork are vital to this position. The candidate must be independent, motivated, and a self-starter.
Please take into consideration, this is only a basic description of the job. There are many variables that change daily, because of the industry we are in, the candidate must be quick to assess the situation and adapt to it. This position requires flexibility.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:
  • Perform daily operations at the farm, including but not limited to:
    • Harvest mushrooms
    • Start new mushrooms
    • Compost spent mushroom blocks
    • Package mushrooms for distribution
    • Clean grow room and tools
    • Communication with customers
    • Deliver mushrooms to customers
    • Record keeping to track production, cleaning, staffing, and food safety compliance data
  • Deep cleaning and maintenance of equipment as scheduled, which may change from time to time due to public health considerations.
  • Mask wearing required while harvesting using a filtered, fitted mask provided by the Farm. Other masking requirements may arise due to public health considerations.
  • Maintain a safe work environment
  • Follow Food Safety Practices, monitoring and tracking compliance with our CQP protocols
Other assignments, projects, and duties may include:
  • Assist with social media and communications
  • Experiments to improve efficiency
  • Sales & Deliveries
Ongoing Qualifications/Requirements:
  • Maintain and update knowledge of agricultural production
  • Effectively manage and prioritize tasks
  • Be a team player
  • Must be flexible and adapt to shifting Farm priorities and needs
  • Valid driver's License (not required)