Is Growing Mushrooms at Home Weird?

 Is Growing Mushrooms at Home Weird?

No! The idea of growing mushrooms at home might seem odd to some people. We hear your concerns, and you're right, mushrooms are kind of strange, after all they're not a plant or animal, they're a fungi!  But if anything, you are about to experience the wonderful process that is mushroom growth and you'll take your food to the next level while doing so! Eating a homemade pizza with your very own home grown mushrooms is much tastier and fresher than with mushrooms from the grocery store, it's much more rewarding too! Plus, how many people do you know who can say, "I grow my own mushrooms at home", be the first! 

By growing your own mushrooms at home, you are contributing to minimizing commercial waste that comes from mushrooms sold at grocery stores. You are participating in a much greener, more sustainable practice that yields you the freshest mushrooms out there.


Do I need prior experience or knowledge to grow mushrooms at home?

Not at all! Our grow kits are designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and mycological (mushroom) knowledge. If you've never grown or harvested anything before, don't worry, our grow kits are a great place to start. All it requires is daily misting... that's really it. We have easy to follow growing instructions with pictures on our website to give you the best chance at success in growing mushrooms. 


Are mushroom grow kits messy?

Growing mushrooms at home requires no digging, planting, soil/dirt, or anything of that sort. All you do is cut the bag around the grow block, and place it on a plate or tray to catch any excess water. No mess at all! 

We recommend placing your grow block in a 9 x 13 inch tray to catch any excess water from all the misting you'll be doing. The image below is several days after the block has been growing and you can see there is no mess at all. It's a great activity to have sitting on the kitchen counter!

Growing mushrooms at home


Is growing mushrooms at home dangerous?

NO! The thought of growing fungi at home might sound questionable to you, but don't fret. A quick Google search might tell you that mushrooms release spores which can cause lung inflammation. Before you worry, this inflammation only occurs after years of heavy exposure to mushrooms. So, if you look up the dangers of growing mushrooms at home, and get answers like, "risk of lung inflammation," don't worry unless you've been growing 'shrooms for years. Growing mushrooms on your kitchen counter is completely harmless, so as long as you don't plan on growing thousands of mushrooms anytime soon.


Pros of Growing Mushrooms at Home:

  • Fresh mushrooms any time of the year
  • Much more sustainable and eco-friendly than purchasing mushrooms from a grocery store
  • Easy, no mess activity
  • Spent grow blocks make great compost! Once you've harvested your mushrooms from the grow block, toss the block in your compost bin.


Hopefully this information puts any worried thoughts or skepticism aside, and makes you want to embark on the journey of growing mushrooms at home! It truly is a magical process. Check out our grow kits for more info on growing mushrooms at home.