Events and Education

As one of the few mushroom farmers in New England, Farmer Elizabeth partners with agricultural and community organizations to offer educational programs.

These workshops are designed for foodies, gardeners, homesteaders, and curious families who wish to learn more about this fascinating food and the important role it plays in our diet, our environment, and the economy.

Whatever type of exploration suits your style, Farmer Elizabeth will provide a course of discovery that extends your knowledge of this little known life form and vital, delicious source of nutrition.

Find upcoming programs below, and read on to discover an in-depth look at all of our offerings.

If you're interested in hosting an event, reach out to us,, to schedule a program today! 


 Upcoming Programs

  • UMass Lowell Popup Market, December 13, 1:00-4:00 PM
  • Pop Up Market with Iron Ox Farm, December 16, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The Science Behind Shiitakes

Come get your nerd on with Farmer Elizabeth, founder of Fat Moon Farm.

During our time together, we'll uncover the facts behind the fungi. Get ready to take a deep dive into both the life cycle and anatomy of the mushroom.

Join us to cultivate an understanding of the role mushrooms play in crafting a sustainable ecosystem and how Farmer Elizabeth considers environmental impact at her organic mushroom farm. And, learn how to experiment with fungi at home with a DIY mushroom grow kit!

Mycophiles, or mushroom lovers, will leave the class with increased knowledge about the growing process, as well as an appreciation for the myriad of health and ecological benefits that mushrooms bring to the table.

Expect to both grow your green thumb and engage with fellow mycophiles in our community.

"Your presentation was so much fun! I started the DIY grow kit and will be buying Fat Moon Farm goodies ASAP! Thank you for coming. Your story is inspiring." - Anita

"What a fun program you enlightened us with! It was amazing learning all the ins and outs of mushroom growing. Quite involved and hats off to you for taking on this endeavor! We all greatly enjoyed hearing all about a food that we take for granted." - Tatiana

Wild Mushroom Foray

Hike in an old-growth forest while looking for mushrooms with fellow mycophiles. The focus will be on spotting mushrooms and identifying the parts of a mushroom that contribute to positive identification.

Bring any guide books you may own. We will not be foraging/collecting mushrooms to eat. 

Dress appropriately for a 2 hour hike in the New England woods. This includes appropriate footwear, bug spray, and water. The path is muddy and the trails are along wetlands with a lot of mosquitos.

Total distance will be 2 - 3 miles with some hills. Hike is subject to weather conditions. All proceeds will be donated to Friends of East Boston Camps, caretakers of beautiful open space in Westford.

We may be joined by Mike Baird, a local bird enthusiast who hikes with his ears attuned to the bird songs. He will help us identify the birds along our walk. 

Sign Up Here for an Upcoming Foray!

"So much fun geeking out over mushrooms this morning. What a wonderful collection we saw! Thank you Elizabeth and Mike for being our guides. Looking forward to more mushroom walks in the future!" - Manise

"Thanks for a wonderful and informative hike today!" - Claudia

Turning Pizza Boxes Into Pizza

Ever wondered how an old pizza box turns into a delicious pizza pie? The power of compost, powered by mushroom mycelium, of course! 

Join us for this kid-friendly workshop, where we’ll learn that the marvelous mushroom is more than just a tasty pizza topping! These fantastic fungi actually play a crucial role in crafting a sustainable ecosystem.

During our time together, we will uncover just how versatile mushrooms truly are. Expect to get silly- we’ll be talking all things dirt, worms, and fungi. And, get excited to engage in conversations about how mushrooms can solve our waste problem.

Participants will take home their very own mycelium starter to begin decomposing pizza boxes themselves, as well as newfound confidence in their power to enact environmental change.

"This has been amazing and super exciting to see how we can bring mushrooms into our home, garden, and food!" - Emily 

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Want to grow your green thumb from the comfort of your kitchen? We’ve got you covered. Grow your own mushrooms at home with expert support from Farmer Elizabeth herself!

Elizabeth will set you- and your grow block- up for success, providing the science behind the ‘shrooms, including life cycle and anatomy, as well as what to expect from your block. 

We’ll have so mush fun participating in collaborative activities, including grow block show and tell and ‘shroom recipe sharing. We’ll also chat about tips and tricks for a successful harvest, as well as the best storage hacks.

Finally, expect to discuss creative ways to continue your relationship with the mighty mushroom- even after your harvest is complete. Bring all of your questions about making the most of your mushrooms, nutritional benefits, and ‘shroom compost. Plus, discover creative crafts and experiments you can do with leftover ‘shrooms (if you have any).

If you’re looking to meet a community of fellow ‘shroom lovers, this is the workshop for you. We’ll come together to learn and celebrate the role of the mushrooms in our diet and environment, making lasting memories with folks near and far.

"I loved the pace of the class as well as the ability to troubleshoot as we go! I also appreciated the amount of knowledge Elizabeth shared during the class." - Gabby

"This GYO class was great, thank you! Learned so much and got a lot of confidence to keep going." - Maggie

"Great class! I found that every day, as my mushrooms grew, my excitement grew with them. Thank you for answering al my questions during and between classes! You are inspiring and a great teacher." - Josette