types we grow

Our fresh mushrooms

We currently grow shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane and Chestnut mushrooms.

  The shiitakes grow on hardwood sawdust and look like a dark brown button mushroom. Native to China, these are the flavorful mushrooms used in miso soup and many Asian dishes. They are used medicinally and as food. Shiitakes are good when cooked fresh and even better if dried and rehydrated.
Oyster mushrooms are a true delicacy! They’re too fragile to withstand shipping, which make them hard to find in local grocery stores. They are best consumed or dried within a few days of harvesting.
Lion’s mane mushrooms are said to resemble a lion’s mane as they grow. Their flavor is often described as seafood-like, comparable to crab or lobster. In addition to their extraordinary flavor, lion’s manes are also used for medicinal purposes.
Chestnut Mushrooms, Pholiota Adiposa, are native to New England. Growing in clusters, these mushrooms are closely related to Nameko mushrooms. You can cook and eat the caps and stems, resulting in two different textures. The caps cook to a silky texture while the stems retain some crunch, similar to cooked celery. As with all mushrooms, we highly recommend you cook these mushrooms before eating to maximize the nutritional benefit.