About Our Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a fascinating crop! They’re not plants—they’re members of the fungus family. Unlike wild mushrooms that spring up only when seasonal conditions are ripe, cultivated mushrooms can be grown indoors year-round, provided the climate conditions are right. 

It takes patience and skill to produce the best quality mushrooms. Like any crop grown in the field, mushrooms require close attention to achieve maximum flavor and nutrition. 


How We Grow

Fat Moon Farm mushrooms are certified organic by Baystate Organics. Meaning, they are cultivated using only organic materials. All of our products are produced in a dedicated warehouse space in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley.

Mushrooms need less water, energy, and growing materials than almost any other crop, which makes them top in sustainability. And, they’re excellent recyclers of waste material, turning indigestible byproducts such as sawdust, coffee grounds, and straw into delicious food. 

Our Staff

Our small staff is dedicated to our mission of growing great mushrooms and supporting the local farm community.

Fat Moon Farm has always strictly observed health and safety standards for growing, harvesting, and delivering our mushrooms.

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we’ve followed additional protocols, including masking, glove wearing, and social distancing.

We want to ensure that our staff stays safe and that our products are fresh and sanitary.