Discover testimonials from our beloved Fat Moon community!


Fresh Mushrooms



"I was super stoked when this came in because I love cooking with fresh ingredients and it literally doesn't get any fresher than these!  They were PERFECT!"

- Andy


"Elizabeth is our local mushroom farmer and a really great thinker and business owner. She’s really got her technique down and grows some of the best mushrooms that I’ve ever tasted. I admire her partnership with other local businesses and her community outreach and educational efforts."

- Seema Bites



"We just had someone all but banging down our door looking for us to do 'that fabulous mushroom CSA that we did last year'."

- Haley, Natick Farm

"My favorite upgrade so far: the amazing Fat Moon Mushroom CSA add-on. Thank you, thank you Fat Moon for this partnership."

- Dancing Harvest


Grow Kits 


"I’ll never get over the experience of growing our own block of oyster mushrooms. Sautéed these glories down and enjoyed them on pizza. 10/10 experience. Add to your wishlist."

- Alexandra

"We just harvested 2 1/2 lbs of shiitakes! These grew like crazy."

- Jeff

Farm Visits


"I was so fortunate today to tour Fat Moon Mushrooms. When I said farm to table foods, I wasn't playing. What an awesome experience to see how mushrooms are grown inside."

- Melissa, Fourth and Field


"Elizabeth took me on a tour of one of the grow rooms and let me tell you, I was blown away! Elizabeth takes so much pride and joy of her work, and it certainly shows."

- Chef Ryan Dawson