pioppino grow kit instructions

Pioppino Grow Kit Instructions

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How to start

  • Open the top of the bag, as you would a bag of chips. Using scissors to cut off the top of the bag usually works well.
  • Set the block upright, leaving the extra plastic extending upwards
  • Spritz with a water bottle 3-5 time/day. Keep your grow kit really moist. It is hard to over-water in the first few days. 
  • If extra water collects in the bottom of the bag, poke a small hole to let it out
  • Pioppino mushrooms require some light, but not direct sunlight. A kitchen counter or bathroom offers the perfect amount of light. 
  • Pins, aka baby mushrooms, will begin to emerge in about 2-5 days
  • Mushrooms will be ready to harvest in 6-9 days. The warmer the space the faster the mushrooms will grow

How to Harvest

  • Mushrooms are ready to harvest when you can see gills under the mushroom caps. Ideally, the cap of pioppino mushrooms should be 1/2 in to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Cut down the side of plastic bag starting at the top and dragging down to the top of the grow block. Cut a slit on two sides of the plastic bag. You can unwrap the block a bit to easily pry off each mushroom at the base of their stem.

Extra Flushes

  • Let the block dry for 3 weeks
  • Soak the block for 12 hours and then repeat the process
  • Expect 2-3 flushes from one block, each flush being smaller. The first flush should yield 2+ pounds. The block tends to grow green mold during subsequent flushes, but doing the second flush outside, with lots of fresh air usually eliminates this

Storage and preparation 

  • Mushrooms should be stored in a paper bag in the fridge so they can breathe. Do not store in plastic, glass or ceramic. it is fine if the mushrooms start to dry out and shrivel. Simply chop and cook and they will rehydrate. Visit our recipe blog for serving ideas!


  • Earthworms love the spent blocks. When you finish fruiting your block, it can go into your compost pile. You might get a bonus flush after a few days of rain in the spring!