5 Absolutely Awesome Reasons to Grow Your Own Mushrooms


Nothing beats the joy that comes from growing and harvesting your very own crops.

Hey, after growing mushrooms for the first time, our founder, Elizabeth made organic farming into a full time career! 

So, why should you try growing your own mushrooms from home?

  •  Try Out a New Hobby 

  • Already explored arts and crafts, listening to podcasts, and reorganizing your pantry? Try out growing your own mushrooms as a boredom buster! 

    This low effort, high reward hobby will not only grow your green thumb, but also make your mouth water.

  •  Entertain The Kids for Less

  • Make expensive activities that only keep kiddos occupied for an hour a thing of the past. 

    A one time purchase of a Mushroom Grow Kit provides seven days of mushroom growing fun, making for the perfect affordable family activity! 

  •  Make Recipes Stand Out

  • It’s time to spice up your go-to dishes. Throw in some mushrooms to that soup, salad, or sandwich and watch an old stand by become an exciting new favorite.

    And, you don’t even have to go to the store to do so, the convenience of your homegrown mushrooms will do just the trick.

  •  Know What’s In Your Food

  • Sick of not knowing which pesticides are on your produce? When growing your very own mushrooms, you can be in charge of the growth process from start to finish. 

    Therefore, you don’t have to worry about mystery additives and the funky side effects they can bring to the table.

  • Help the Planet From Home

  • Growing your own mushrooms is an amazing way to shrink your ecological footprint- your personal contribution to environmental waste. 

    Skip the fossil fuel usage needed to deliver your produce, and cultivate and harvest your very own mushrooms from home.


    Don’t just take our word for it, though, you can check out our kits here and see how easy and fun the mushroom growing process is for yourself!

    Already have experience growing your own crops? If you’re curious about transitioning your hobby into a career, you can read more about Elizabeth’s journey into the organic farming industry here.


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