Best Mushrooms to Grow at Home

If you’ve ever been intrigued by mushrooms in the wild, you can grow mushrooms at home with the comfort of knowing they are not poisonous. Maybe you’re looking for an exciting family fun activity, or simply want to learn more about mushroom growth. Growing mushrooms at home is much easier than you may think. Finding the right balance of humidity and temperature is easy to achieve at home and grow kits provide you with everything you’ll need.

Some of the best beginner mushrooms to grow at home are shiitakes, lion’s mane, and oyster. These mushrooms are quick to grow, and most of the mushrooms listed above don’t require extremely specific conditions. They can be easily grown in your kitchen, in an area of indirect sunlight. As long as your home is not below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you will see growth only a couple days after starting your block. Plus, your blocks may even yield a second flush on their own, getting you more bang for your buck. 

Shiitakes require as much or as little attention as you’d like to give them. With successful growth in a wide range of temperatures, and shade, shiitakes can be grown indoors or outdoors. Our grow blocks are intended for indoor growth, but after a spring rainfall, your block may refruit after being placed outdoors.

Oyster mushrooms are fantastic for year round growth. Room temperature works best for these mushrooms, and just like shiitakes, oysters will likely fruit again after a rainfall or added moisture. These mushrooms are simple to harvest, only requiring your hands to pry them off the block when the cap starts to curl. 

Lion’s mane mushrooms are just as easily maintainable from your home. Although they may take a little longer to fruit, the wait is worth it. Many people love these mushrooms for their seafood taste and texture, it's a great substitute and requires little effort to see these unique mushrooms grow! 


© Photo by Derek SooHoo