Common Mistakes When Growing Mushrooms At Home

Oyster Grow Block Needs Fresh Air

Here is a list of the most common mistakes our customers have made while growing mushrooms at home: 

1. Waiting to start their grow block. It is important to remember that your grow kit is a living organism. Follow our instructions and start your grow kit within a few days after you receive it. Don't let it sit in the shipping box for long. Your mushrooms will be eager to grow when they arrive, so treat them like it! If you need to wait a few days before growing your block, remove the block from the cardboard box and store it in the refrigerator. 

 2. Keeping their grow block in a confined area. Your grow kit need fresh air and gentle air turbulence. DO NOT attempt to grow it in a storage tote without fresh air moving around it. Keeping your grow kit on a kitchen counter works very well for our customers! If temperatures are above freezing, you can put your grow block outside to give it more fresh air. 

3. Not watering their grow block enough. Mushrooms LOVE moisture, more than you'd think! It is super important to mist your grow block using the free water mister included in your grow kit several times daily, especially in the fall and winter time when heating your home can dry out your mushrooms. Be sure to mist all over the grow block, ensuring that all areas get some love! Not watering your grow block enough will result in a lower yield and smaller mushrooms, nobody wants that!

4. Handling the plastic bag around their grow block incorrectly. When you receive your grow kit, you'll notice that the actual mushroom grow block, which is made of grain and sawdust, will be surrounded by a plastic bag. Depending on the species, you will handle this bag differently, check our grow kit instructions under the Grow header on our site for proper care. Shiitake mushroom grow kits are the only blocks that should have their plastic bag removed. All other grow kits, lion's mane, oyster, and pioppino kits should keep their plastic bags on the entire growing process.