How to Store Mushrooms

Whether you harvest your own mushrooms or purchase them from Fat Moon, it is important to store them correctly to maximize their freshness. Read on for our favorite tips on 'shroom storage!



  • Store mushrooms in a paper bag or cloth storage bag.
  • Leave the top of the bag open- mushrooms need a lot of breathing room!
  • No paper or cloth bag? No problem! Put a paper towel in the bottom of a container, place your mushrooms in, and keep the lid off.
  • Always store fresh mushrooms in the refrigerator to extend freshness.


  • Don't store your fresh mushrooms in a closed container.
  • Never fully rinse or douse your fresh mushrooms. They are very porous, naturally absorbent and will make your food watery once cooked. Only spot clean your mushrooms with a damp cloth/paper towel if necessary.


If you notice that your mushrooms start to dry up a bit, don't toss them. Cook them as usual, maybe in a sauce or soup, and they'll reabsorb moisture as you go. Check out our recipe blog if you're ever unsure of what to make with your 'shrooms!

Want to try growing your own mushrooms at home? Purchase one of our grow kits! No prior experience is necessary.