Let That Shiitake Go: 3 Self-Care Strategies You Can Implement Today

Sometimes, we all feel worn down and burnt out by daily stressors. It's only human! Here at the farm, we believe all of us can learn a great deal about resiliency from mushrooms.
These fantastic fungi start their lives in grow blocks made of waste and transform them into something beautiful. So, let's take some inspiration from our fungi friends and cultivate some goodness in the hard moments.
Read on for our 3 favorite self-care strategies when you just need to let that shiitake go and grab a shirt with this reminder here!



1. Enjoy a Warm Meal 🍜

A warm dinner is good for the stomach and the soul. Try out these cozy recipes to bring a little more comfort to your typical mealtime routine. 


2. Remember to Breathe 🧘

Breathing regulates our nervous system, calming our brains and bodies. Take five minutes today to breathe. Perhaps you will gain some new perspective on a problem you have been working through. 

One of our favorite breathing techniques is breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and breathing out for 8 seconds.

While you're breathing, put this marvelous Mushroom Meditation in the background! Special thanks to our friend Suzanne Eaton!


3. Take Time to Rest 🛋️

With the cool weather, our bodies are naturally inclined to spend more time resting and enjoying the warmth of our homes.

Challenge yourself to spend an extra few minutes each day honoring this need for rest. Catch up on a favorite show, take a nap on your couch, or cuddle up with a pet.

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Which tip is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment! 

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