Meet Our Brand New Production Manager

This June, Fat Moon is delighted to welcome Owen as our first-ever Production Manager! With excellent technical and analytical skills- and a deep passion for all things fungi- Owen is already proving be an amazing addition to our team.
Read on to learn a bit more about Owen and his role here at the farm.



Why do you enjoy working in local agriculture?

There are so many reasons why I love working in local agriculture. It's an incredibly exciting time to be a farmer.

Not only has there never before been so much information, creativity, and innovation surrounding farming, but the push towards local and sustainable farming is a necessity for a greener and more prosperous future.

Providing our communities with fresh and nutritious food is incredibly fulfilling work. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to learn and grow my skills as a farmer.

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities at the farm?

As Production Manager, I have a few roles here at the farm. Primarily, I'm in charge of cultivation.

This includes incubating and starting the grow blocks, monitoring the environmental conditions and mushrooms, and harvesting mushrooms.

Additionally I work with documenting our growing methods, research and development, and working on integrating sensors and technology to help make data driven decisions to maximize our yields and productivity.

Finally, the most important question- which Fat Moon mushroom is your favorite?

It's hard to just pick one, but my favorite mushroom would have to be the king oyster.

The density of this mushroom makes it excellent for searing and braising which help to bring out and incorporate its sweet, nutty, and meaty flavors.  


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