Mushroom Hand Pies

We celebrated Pi Day with our homeschool pod with each student making a pie for supper. The Mushroom Farmer contributed these tasty, savory treats to the dinner menu. Perfect for a Pi Day snack or dinner whether you are a school-age kid or a math-loving grownup.

Yield: 4 hand pies


8oz or 2 c. chopped Fat Moon Mushrooms

1 leek

1t. salt

2T. soy sauce

2T. heavy cream

1T. sherry

1 single pie crust

1 egg, beaten


Olive oil


  1. Saute chopped leek in olive oil
  2. Saute mushrooms in olive oil 
  3. Combine leeks, mushrooms, salt, soy sauce, heavy cream, and sherry in skillet. Heat until bubbly. 
  4. Roll pie dough into 6" circles
  5. Place 2 - 3T of mushroom mixture in center of circle
  6. Fold in half and pinch side 
  7. Brush with beaten egg
  8. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes.