Mushroom-Maple Shortbread Cookies

These cookies stole the show and won 'Most Creative' at the annual Cookie Swap!

Start with basic shortbread recipe, cut into the shape of a mushroom, and frost with a maple-flavored glaze. Top with our crispy, sweet Maple-Glazed Mushroom Bits. Essentially a vegetarian maple-bacon donut!


Shortbread cookies in the shape of a mushroom




For the Cookies

- Shortbread Cookies, homemade or store-bought

For the Glaze

-1 Cup Powdered Sugar

- 2 T. Water

- 1T. Maple Syrup

- A Few Drops of Food Coloring 


How to Make:

1. Start with your favorite shortbread recipe. 

2. After baking and cooling, decorate with glaze.

3. Apply a thin layer of the glaze and sprinkle with Maple-Glazed Mushroom Bits.

4. Allow cookies to set until glaze is firm.