5 Unbelievable Benefits of Purchasing a Second Flush Grow Kit


Looking for an affordable and sustainable way to grow mushrooms? Want to support Fat Moon Farm? Need a gift that keeps on giving?

Check out our Second Flush Grow Blocks! These blocks have already supplied a first round of mushrooms, but still have plenty of life left in them.

So, why should you try growing mushrooms with one of our second flush grow kits?


  •  Develop Your Green Thumb
  • Our blocks are perfect for a gardening newbie. They can be planted in either a compost pile or garden. Then, the rain and temperature do the work for you!

  •  Try Our Mushrooms for Less
  • At only five dollars, our second flush grow blocks give you the most bang for your buck. If you want to try out our products at a low cost, look no further than these kits!

  •  Help Us Keep Our Mushrooms Fresh
  • Keeping these blocks in our grow room for extra time can lead to contamination. Your purchase of these blocks will keep our mushrooms fresh for you. And, you can enjoy our still perfectly usable blocks.

  •  Have Mushrooms for Months
  • Why stop at a second flush? Second flush grow blocks can be used to grow mushrooms again and again. Each flush provides less mushrooms, but third, fourth, and fifth flushes are possible!

  • Invite Worms to Your Garden
  • Looking to attract worms to your garden? There is nothing worms love more than mushrooms. These little guys love to find a home under our second flush grow kits. You help them, and they help your soil! Check out a video of worms loving our grow blocks here.

    Interested in trying mushroom farming with our kits? Purchase your very own second flush grow block and see how fun and rewarding these blocks can be! 


    *Please note: If growing mushrooms outside, you are responsible for positively confirming the identity of the mushroom before consumption. Note that once the grow kits are unwrapped and placed on the ground, other types of fungus will begin to colonize the blocks. 

    Looking for specific instructions to help you set up your second flush grow kit? Read our article here to find guidelines catered to each mushroom variety! And, take a look at this video of Farmer Elizabeth sharing more about our grow blocks!