Ideal Mushroom Growing Conditions: Tips and Tricks

Oyster Mushroom Success

Growing mushrooms is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience... when done properly. To set you up for mushroom success, we'll list our best tips and tricks for growing, harvesting, and storing home grown mushrooms!

 1. Start your grow kit right away. Start your grow kit as soon as your receive it, remember it is a living organism. Your mushrooms will be eager to grow! If you need more time, remove your grow kit from the cardboard box and store your grow kit in the fridge for no longer than a week.

 2. Be sure to cut the bag around the grow kit correctly. Once you receive your grow kit, you'll notice the mushroom block is surrounded by plastic. For a shiitake grow kit, remove the the plastic entirely and place the block on a plate or in a baking tray. For oyster grow kits, turn the block on it's side and cut a 6-inch X on the side of the bag. For lion's mane grow kits, do the same as the oyster grow kits or cut two parallel 6-inch gashes on the side of the bag. For pioppino grow kits, cut the top of the bag completely off. Bottom line, for oyster, lion's mane, and pioppino grow kits, do not remove the block from the plastic bag.  

3. Store the kit in an area with indirect sunlight and room temperature. Your mushrooms will grow best if the kit is kept in an area with some sunlight and room temperature. We recommend a kitchen counter or bathroom. Both rooms give you access to water and plenty of extra humidity. Our customers have had the most success keeping their grow kits in these rooms.

 4. Water often! Watering your mushrooms is key, they love the moisture! Farmer Elizabeth says it's almost impossible to water your mushrooms too much, so you can imagine misting your mushrooms multiple times daily is important. Use the convenient water mister included in your grow kit.  

5. Create a humidity tent. This hack is for shiitake grow kits. But, if you are growing shiitake mushrooms, read especially closely! After removing the plastic bag that the shiitake grow block came encased in, humidity can easily escape from your grow block. To trap the humidity, wrap a generic plastic bag around your shiitake grow block. You can even place four skewers in the top of your grow block to keep the bag elevated. When it's time to mist your grow block, simply remove the plastic bag and put it back when you're done.

 6. Grow a second flush of mushrooms. Want to get more bang for your buck? Grow a second flush of mushrooms. Check out this blog post outlining proper care to successfully grow a second flush of mushrooms. You can do this with any of our grow kits!