Celebrating Oysterpalooza!

As we slide into the month of August, your mushroom farmers are preparing for their annual summer break!

Rather than fight the heat (mushrooms like a cool 65 degrees 24/7) we've learned to shut down for a few weeks, hit the beach and come back refreshed for the fall season.

Oysterpalooza Banner

As our summer season winds down, we invite you to join us for our first Oysterpalooza! For ten days on social media and in our emails, we'll feature and celebrate the lovely Blue Oyster Mushroom, the workhorse and hero of our summer mushroom production!

You may have noticed more of these in our recent mixes and CSA shares. This is because they are the most tolerant of the summer temperatures, giving us consistent yields right through this heat wave. 

 How are we celebrating?


1. Oyster Grow Kits are on Sale!

Only $30 and available for pickup on Saturday, July 30, at 41 West St. Sorry, no shipping available. We've shut down our online orders for our Summer Break.

You can order online and select Pickup. 

2. Fresh Oysters are on Sale!

10# boxes for $110! (smaller quantities available, too.)

If you're in the mood for summer BBQ, but eating less meat, make yourself a big batch of Farmer Elizabeth's Pulled Mushrooms!

Definitely a step up from traditional pulled pork!

3. Loads of Social Content!

We promise educational & entertaining updates about Blue Oyster Mushrooms. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook

As you grow and cook your mushrooms, be sure to tag #fatmoon and #oysterpalooza on social media!