Introducing Our Amazing Farm Manager

We are so excited and proud to be introducing Kim Kneeland, our Farm Manager! 

In the fall of 2021, Fat Moon production crossed a critical and long hoped for threshold, allowing us to welcome a full time employee to the crew.  

While you may have seen or interacted with Kim already, since she is, as she describes it, the "all purpose, ever ready Swiss army knife" in at the farm, we wanted to provide a formal introduction to this dynamo helping to drive our production.

Take a moment to learn more about Kim below!


a smiling woman in front of a mushroom grow room


Q: How did Farmer Elizabeth and Kim meet?

A: Kim and Farmer Elizabeth connected at a "Women Who Inspire" group meeting, where they started sharing ideas and a partnership blossomed.

Kim joins us from Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester, and it was while working there that her interest in growing mushrooms, and her understanding of the importance of fungi in soils, as well as for human health, was sparked. 


Q: Why does Kim love the world of local agriculture?

A: There’s no wonder why she found herself working in the world of organic farming and local food.

Kim loves everything about food- how it’s grown, how it creates community, how it nourishes us, how it brings us together, and how fun it is to create something in the kitchen.

And, how when done intentionally and in concert with nature’s rhythms, like we do here at the farm, producing food can also create sustainable, resilient landscapes!


Q: What does the role of Farm Manager look like for Kim?

A: Once hired, Kim didn't waste any time; she immediately started refining our operations.

She has helped increase both capacity and efficiency, opening doors to new initiatives as well as expanded production.

And, she makes time at the farm simply more fun! 


Q: What's Kim's favorite mushroom recipe?

A: For Kim, savory dishes are her favorite, especially these Cheesy Mushroom Puffs. This recipe is easy to prep the day before and bake the day of, or even take with you and bake at a party.

Kim's whole family is obsessed with this snackable, bite-sized appetizer and gobbles these puffs up right out of the oven.

Click here for photos of the recipe and process. Kim's recipe is based off of the recipe from that page, but Kim says she "never actually follows a recipe", so this recipe is her take on their base!


To keep up with Kim and the rest of the farm crew, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages. Plus, learn more about the rest of our team here!