Mushroom Information

  • Is Growing Mushrooms at Home Weird?

    Growing mushrooms at home may be a foreign idea to you, but don't worry we've got all the info and tips to help. Growing mushrooms at home is an exciting process, gives you the freshest 'shrooms out there, doable for people with all levels of mushroom knowledge, and completely safe.
  • How to Store Mushrooms

    How do I store fresh mushrooms? How do I clean my mushrooms? The best way to keep your mushrooms fresh is by storing them in a paper or cloth bag in the fridge, they need plenty of breathing room. Only spot clean mushrooms with a damp paper towel! Don't store them in a closed container.
  • What are the Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms?

    Shiitake mushrooms are a usual family favorite for their versatility in recipes. They are low in calorie and nutrient dense, making them a power fo...
  • What are the Health Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms?

    There's a reason Asian cultures have appreciated oyster mushrooms for thousands of years. For a plant, they're high in protein, many vegans love su...
  • How to Harvest Shiitake Mushrooms

    Are my shiitake mushrooms ready to harvest?  Shiitakes are ready to harvest when their caps have opened to the point where you can see the gills on...
  • Life Cycle of a Mushroom

    How exactly does a mushroom grow? Are spores seeds? What is mycelium? 

  • Creating a Spore Print

    Spore prints are an exciting, engaging experiment that gives you a quick reward, allowing you to: Grow many mushrooms from the spores of just one ...
  • Parts of a Mushroom

    Read about the anatomy of a mushroom!
  • What is a Mushroom Grow Block?

    Grow blocks are a fantastic innovation that has allowed growers to produce mushrooms on a commercial level, and hobbyists to find an easy path to g...
  • Best Mushrooms to Grow at Home

    If you’ve ever been intrigued by mushrooms in the wild, you can grow mushrooms at home with the comfort of knowing they are not poisonous. Maybe yo...