• Mushroom Crostini

    Jenny Meanwell snagged some mushrooms from our New Year's "Get and Give" and prepared this delicious appetizer for her New Year's Eve festivitie...
  • Pickled Mushrooms

    Flavored with vinegar, herbs, and aromatics, this is a delicious way to preserve surplus mushrooms.
  • Savory 'Shroom Spread

    A staple in many European countries, this go-to light lunch is one of my British husband's favorites. Paired with tea (of course), this mushroom spread on toast is a delicious and nutrient packed snack.
  • Kim's Favorite Cheesy Mushroom Puffs

    This easy, addictive recipe is a toasty, snackable appetizer that can be made ahead. My whole family is now obsessed with this snackable, bite-sized appetizer and gobbles these puffs up right out of the oven
  • Avocado and Wild Mushroom Tacos

    Happy Taco Tuesday! If you aren't reading this on a Tuesday, not to fret, because any day is the perfect day for tacos! Check out this refreshingly easy vegan taco option made with fresh, savory mushrooms for dinner this week.
  • Mushroom Hand Pies

    We celebrated Pi Day with our homeschool pod with each student making a pie for supper. The Mushroom Farmer contributed these tasty treat, savory treats to the dinner menu. Perfect for a Pi Day snack or dinner whether you are a school-age kid or a math-loving grownup.